Lifecell Vs Dermajuv Wrinkle Cream Comparison

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LifeCell Skin Cream

LifeCell Skin is currently voted the Top-rated Anti Wrinkle Product. It is not only easy to use (three-in-one product) but it uses breakthrough ingredients that trick the DNA into growing new skin molecules like a baby.

..on top of that LifeCell Skin provides a good customer support, free 30-day trial, 60-day money-back guarantee and fast delivery. This system is specifically designed to fight your severe wrinkles, lines, crow feet and age spots. When the moisturizing takes place, it deeply penetrates your skin and set it up for the other two formulas. This makes a real difference to most of the other wrinkle products reviewed.

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Lifecell Vs Dermajuv/Dermagist Wrinkle Cream Comparison

Dermajuv and Lifecell are the two most popular wrinkle creams in the market today. But is there one of the two that is better? I’m excited to share my findings with you in this comparison.

LifeCell Skin and Dermajuv Comparison Product Details

Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation claims to give your skin a new DNA with a softness of a baby, and this has been the fruit of their long hard work of the scientists in the Dermajuv Company. With the hype in the reviews and growing number of proofs and testimonials over the internet, no wonder it is considered to be the most popular wrinkle treatment on the planet.

LifeCell which has been developed at the South Beach Skincare and successfully recognized with their Nobel Prized claims to reduce the signs of aging just after the first application. Although these incredible results might be very fast than to believe and to actually try the product, it could have also been the reasons for its very daring and controversial comments and testimonies. This could have also been the reason for its very fast and continuous shipment directly to its users.

Although these two wrinkle products aims to achieve similar results in age defying but through their unlike and completely different ingredients. Dermajuv successful anti wrinkle sytem includes original formulas: Matrixyl, Sesaflash, Renovage Stem Cells and Haloxyls; while Lifecell most recognized ingredients are Nitric Oxide, Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid (D3PA), Idebenone, Silicon Dioxide Crystals, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Deanol, and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3(AH3).

In order to get the maximum results in using these two different products, both basically suggest of at least twice a day application, once in the morning and once before going to bed.


Among the pros and cons of Dermagist includes


- Noticeably reduces wrinkle measurement

- 3 day fast results

- Cell Rejuvenation process begins at the DNA Level

- Most effective in decreasing aging lines, redness elimination and pores tightening effect

- Gives the skin a youthful and radiant complexion

- Promotes natural healing of the skin

- Guarantee of 30 days or your money back

- Effective scientific proofs can be downloaded



- Twice a day application (morning and evening) can be a problem for those who are super busy.

- Stinging sensation in the eyes has been reported when using Instant Lifting Serum if not carefully applied.


And here are also the pros and cons of Lifecell Skin Cream:


- It can eliminate wrinkles, soften the skin, moisturize the skin all day long, lessen age-spots, treat the eye puffiness, plump the lips, be used as base for makeup in just one bottle.

- Non-greasy formula

- Can be used even for delicate skin

-  guaranteed not to break your face

- Defies age

- Can be tried for 30 day for free, 120 days money back guarantee

- easy shipping modes

- safe and secure web ordering process



- Luxuriously expensive compared to other wrinkle creams.


The Final Verdict

So far, reading feedbacks aside from the showbiz endorsement Lifecell has been attaching with their campaigns, most of the average users are reasonably impressed in using LifeCell Skin Cream (read more Lifecell customer feedback here).

For the final verdict, Dermagist is our winner. It offers an innovative array of products which fit well together (Complete Rejuvenation System, Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, Instant-Effect Lifting Serum, Eye Revolution Gel, Neck Restore Cream, Acne Scar Deuction System) which can target your desired results more specificly.

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